43 Creative and Easy Ways to DIY your Embroidered Denim

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Jeans are the wardrobe staple in all around the world. While some prefer plain and simple denim, many of them like to give their a little flair. You can add fun hems and bedazzling with gems, to using patchwork decorations. These following ideas are super fun, easy and versatile and of course, low budget to embroidering your denim.

Though denim is thick and durable, it does need to be properly stabilized when embroidered; use a cut-away stabilizer in the hoop helps to keep it stitches crisp and fabric flat. Consider choosing appropriate designs; light designs often get lost on blue jeans material unless they are embroidered using heavier threads. Pump up the contrast; bright thread colors pop against a dark indigo background- and remember that the piece is likely to be worn and laundered for an extended period of time, so it will fade. See these 43 creative and easy ways to DIY your embroidered denim below.


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