53 Trending Hairstyles 2018 you should try

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2017 was an experimental year for hair to say the least. While super straight styles, ponytails and huge hair accessories took the catwalk, neon colors, rainbow dyes and glow in the dark hair colors reigned supreme on the internet as the beauty industry insiders and bloggers in 2017 hair trends. But let’s look ahead for more flattering hairstyles and wearable accessories. What should we be looking in 2018?

Many sources say that slightly shorter, chic hair is still in style. And the perm, which recently made a comeback and it’s making a strong case to remain in style as one of many hair trends in 2018 too. What about any other style that become trending in 2018? Here are 53 trending hairstyle in 2018 below to inspire your new look.


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