41 Elegant Gloves for the Winter

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Gloves are one of the most elegant, stylish and becoming accessories ever invented. It is the crucial to most women’s wardrobe until 1960s. Historically, gloves served both a practical and visually appealing purpose alike. At the last century, the world was dirty and smoggy and clean water usually had to come from wells or rivers so gloves kept the hand cleans and warm and showed that a woman knew the social decorum of dressing for a given occasion.

For centuries, gloves have become in a wide range of materials; leather, suede, faux suede and leather, silk, nylon, and else. The season and weather, the occasion and the rest of your outfit will help dictate both the type of fabric that your gloves should be made of and the length and color. For example, when you are wearing a jacket, blazer or coat during winter, choose the hem of your sleeve to overlap with your gloves at least a little. See these 41 elegant gloves for the winter below to inspire you.


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