49 Iconic Hair Styles That Endure Time

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From mastering Veronica Lake’s curls to Twiggy’s famed pixie, take a cue from these retro hair inspirations below. Mia Farrow’s pixie cut for the film Rosemary’s Baby is often considered as one of the most iconic haircuts in cinematic history. The short and shiny chop with frayed baby bangs has been copied by women in all over the world. For example, Emma Watson and Michelle Williams.

Disco curls by Donna Summer are not like other curls; fluffier, bigger and look just as good going into the club as they do leaving it. Or try a Blondie’s shag like Taylor Swift; blondie’s bleached and layered shag cut. This cut is the very definition of rock-n-roll glamour and very popular. See more iconic hair styles that endure time below.


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