31 Creative Ways to do a Wrap Pants for Everyday Outfit

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Wrap pants are also known by the other names like yoga pants, fisherman’s pants or samurai pants. They are very loose comfortable pants with waist ties. Wrap pants can be made in two styles; yoga pants style has waist ties at the front and back and a side open pattern where as samurai pants  has a strap on the back which ties the loose waist of the pant in the front and results in a folded waistband. Those patterns are easy to make, so you can make a dozen of them.

The uses of wrap pants are many and they are the perfect to lounge around at home or for a casual outing. The yoga pants are so comfortable to move around, so does the samurai pants. These free size pants wrap around your waist with the waist ties that you tie around so it can be as tight as you want to be. See these 31 creative ways to do a wrap pants for your everyday outfit below.


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