39 Black and White Preppy Style Outfits Ideas

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There is a misunderstanding of preps being snobs, which, judging by the expensive attire and accessories. This kind of assumption can be very easy to attain if you are not careful about how to dress up. Most preppy girl fashion consists of plain, classy clothing from upper class retailers. But remember that preppy look is all about being intellectual and well educated, so make sure that your look is classy.

A collar top with either puff or long sleeves is ideal. You can also add some cute tie as accessories. The most common of this look is versatile short pleated mini and these will look stunning with knee high socks and the correct style of top to go with it. Find your own perfect color that suit you best. And if you want to go with the black and white, these 39 black and white preppy style outfit ideas below will help you get some inspiration. Enjoy!


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