50 Drawing Canvas Shoes Ideas That You Can Do At Home

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Let’s be creative and draw your canvas shoes. The necessary item is absolutely a pair of canvas shoes, waterproof marker (you can use whatever kind you want as long as it’s waterproof), paper, pencil, eraser and some kind of waterproof spray (but it is not 100% necessary. First of all, make a plan on what kind of drawing that you want, and decide if your shoes are one big picture or divided into sections. Lay your shoes on and make sure the sizing is right then just hold them down one at a time and trace the outline.

Actually, if you have a great skill of drawing, you don’t need to trace the outline. You can just simply draw it right away with pencil, and if you are done with that, it’s time to mark it with your black marker. And the last one is color the draw and your DIY canvas shoes are ready to use. See more 50 drawing ideas below to inspire your own.


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