49 Sexy Bearded Styling Ideas For Swag
49 Sexy Bearded Styling Ideas For Swag

49 Macho Bearded Styling Ideas for Swag

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First of all while you simply want to let your beard grow uncontrollably, look around to find the best style of beard suited to your face. For rectangular face, try a bit more length on the sides and less below the chin or else just an all round stubble to give the illusion of a fuller face and preventing your face from looking excessively long. For square face, avoid thicker, fuller style and opt to grow your beard downwards on the bottom to give a longer silhouette look. For round face, grow your beard longer on the bottom to elongate the face.

For triangle face, if your jaw is thicker than your brows, it is good not to go  too mad with the facial hair as it will only accentuate the difference further. Keep beard neat and clean with minimal growth. If you want to keep your shaping game on point, use a typical wet – shave razor to remove any stray hairs from the tops of your cheeks and around and below your neck and make sure to follow the natural lines of your beard. Take a look at these 49 sexy bearded styling ideas for swag below to inspire you.


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