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54 Best Outfit to Wear for An Hourglass Figure

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Many artists such as Kim Kardashian, Ashley Graham, Marilyn Monroe are have an hourglass body shape. But you don’t have to be born with a littler-in-the-middle figure to wear that silhouette. To dress your body, we’re more of the camp that celebrates what nature gave you and uses fashion to experiment with silhouettes across the board. Here are some tips to achieve an hourglass figure.

A wrap dress with its tie at the center has an hourglass shape, so anybody can put it on and instantly achieve the look. Add a little volume with ruffle to create a bigger distinction between your waist and hips. A full skirt instantly helps add volume to the bottom half of a woman’s body. But if you have hourglass shape since the first time you were born and need some inspiration, take a look at these 54 best outfit to wear for an hourglass figure below.


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