Lovely Holiday Nails Designs To Get You In The Spirit 31

54 Lovely Holiday Nails Designs To Get You in The Spirit

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Find manicure design that will highlight every symbol of the season to festive perfection below. But here are some tips before painting your nail. Line your nails with petroleum jelly or white craft glue before painting for an easy cleanup. Use a cotton swab to rub petroleum jelly on the skin around your nail first on a nail that looks messy.

To prevent the painted nails from chipping, paint two basecoat layers; one on the top half of your nail and coat over the entire nail for the second one. Use a white nail polish as your basecoat to make your nail color pop. Paint your nail art designs on a plastic sandwich bag first, peel them off and seal them on your nails with nail art glue or a clear topcoat for easy application. Now take a look at these 54 lovely holiday nail designs to get you in the spirit below.



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