Preppy Summer Outfits To Copy Now

38 Preppy Summer Outfits to Copy Now

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Preppy styling is originated from the youth subculture of classic American universities and the subsequent choices of upper and upper-middle class students associated with such context. Preppy style is about classic, clean and collegiate appearance and it will look good on you who prefer to look refined rather than rugged. And you have to know that there is a lot more to achieving a stylish preppy appearance than just buying the right labels such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste. Just put it simple that it’s a style of attire that boasts classic colors, prints and apparel.

In preppy outfits, don’t be too literal, just try to adapt the preppy style to a more modern and youthful silhouette. Be creative to establish your preppy look that will tell a story and remember that accessories will annotate looks most effectively; suspenders will add a vintage touch , preppy striped ties will amplify corporate looks and traditional printed belts will add dimension to casual attire. Chambray shirts are very versatile and suit the aesthetic perfectly; think lightweight linen shirts in classic colors, go for a simple boat shorts to complete your look. See these 38 preppy summer outfits for men below to copy now.

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