Jersey Plus Hat
Jersey Plus Hat

12 Ways to Wear a Sports Jersey for Women

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Whether you are die hard sports or not, wearing a sport jersey is a also something to copy and you can get a stylish outfit with it. If you are aware of fashions related to sportswear, you could try some of them to find stylish ways to wear a sports jersey.

1. Layering


Try to layering your look; the turtleneck-under your sports tee, then top everything with a shearling jacket for a polished look.

2. Jersey Plus Hat

Jersey Plus Hat

Style your jersey with classic kicks, tube socks and a backwards hat.

3. Mix textures

Mix Textures

Try to mix textures your jersey with knee-length leather shorts.

4. Just Like Beyonce

Just Like Beyonce

If your jersey is sequined, don’t wear pants.

5. Style with Leather Pants

Style With Leather Pants

If you want to look sexy, pair your jersey with cropped leather pants and heels.

6. Chic Look

Chic Look

A black jersey, black longer shorts and black sneakers will make you look chic.

7. Jersey with Blazer

Jersey With Blazer

Drape a blazer over a jersey and suddenly it’s a polished look.

8. Oversized Jersey

Oversized Jersey

Wear your oversized jersey and sheer, so the sex appeal is still there.

9. Jersey and Pencil Skirt

Jersey And Pencil Skirt

Jersey plus pencil skirt is an unexpected combination, but it’s work!

10. Feminine Look

Feminine Look

Pair your blue jersey with a bright aqua clutch, rainbow colored bracelets and shoes. The key is make your look eye-catching.

11. Basketball Jersey

Basketball Jersey

Pair your white basketball jersey with white long pants for your simple look.

12. Hockey Jersey

Hockey Jersey

Or take your hockey jersey with black pants and complete your look with white sneakers.

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