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8 Clever Ways to Refashion your Old Clothes

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May be some of you have a collection of old clothes in your wardrobe, but you are bored to wear them. If so, just be amused for that because it will be interesting to modify. Today, the idea is refashion your old clothes become something new that will satisfy yourself. Even you can be inspired to modify your old shirt becomes a blouse, maxi dress becomes a mini skirt, etc. Are you curious? Let’s check it out!

  1. Rainbow Dress

1. Rainbow Maxi
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Recent, you can see a yummy rainbow cake at some bakeries. Not only cake, the colors are also nice to apply on a maxi dress that made from your old T-shirt. Just collect some pieces of T-shirt and modify them become a nice rainbow dress for you.

  1. Lace Tank Top

2. Lace Tanktop
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Usually, a tank top is used as the inner to combine with a blazer. Surely, it’s nice, but when you are bored with your plain tank top you can add some lace on it so you’ll have a beautiful top for going out.

  1. Men’s Shirt Refashion

3. Men Shirt Refashion2
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Have you ever imagined to modify a man’s shirt becomes something nice to wear by a girl? Yes, it’s real! You can create it in simple way by removing the sleeves and the collar. Then, subtitute the buttons as you want.

  1. A Trousers become a Cropped Top

4. Skirt
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If you have a chance to change your brother’s trousers become a cropped top just do it! Probably he can’t believe that it’ll be a girly top for you.

  1. Blouses for Skirts

5. Mini Skirt
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Do you have boring blouses? Just trust us that you can make them become skirts even in 10 minutes. Simply, you only need scissors, sewings, and flexible.

  1. Recycled Piyama

6. Pants
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Having a quality sleep at night by using a comfortable piyama is good for your kid. If you don’t mind you can recycle your piyama for him and make it as his size. It’s so cute and simple to do by yourself.

  1. Dress Modification

7. Shoulder -off Dress
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Maxi dress is pretty, but it can be prettier dress by modifying it becomes a shoulder-off dres. It’s not only useful to renew your dress, but you’ll have a nice look.

  1. Hi-Lo Dress

8. Hi-lo Dress
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You can also refashion an oversize skirt becomes a hi-lo dress that trend right now. Just wear it as a dress and combine with cardigan, so you’ll have a lovely dress in simple way.

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