10 DIY Nail Art for Summer Look

10 DIY Nail Art For Summer Look
10 DIY Nail Art For Summer Look

Having a healthy nails are important thing to consider, because nail is reflect our overall health. It is good to keep your nails clean and dry. When cut the nail, cut it straight across using sharp nail scissors or clippers. For maximum strength, round the nails slightly. Keep your nail’s shape and free of snags by filling with an emery board.

And remember, not to bite fingernails or remove the cuticle, because it can damage your nails. Now, if you know how to keep your nail health, it is time to beautify it with some nail art. Check out these 10 DIY nail art for summer below to inspire your healthy nails.

1. 4th of July Art

4th Of July Art

To make the small, uniformly spaced stripe, place nail striping tape across your nail horizontally.

2. Striped Moon Manicure

Striped Moon Manicure

Add a glittery to this striped moon manicure to beautify your nail art.

3. Geometric Diamonds

Geometric Diamonds

If you’re ready to delve into the more complicated stuff, start with geometric patterns. Start with base coat and lightest color, when it;s dry, use striping brush and darkest color to start sketching the pattern. Paint three vertical lines down your nails. Create diagonal lines and create two small diagonals inside each side of one diamond that consist with three sections. Fill in two of the sections with the remaining two colors, leaving the last blank section with the base color. repeat for the rest of the diamonds and seal it with topcoat.

4. Sunrise Gradient with White Polka Dots

Sunrise Gradient With White Polka Dots

Make this white polka dots for your nail art, and wear your polka dot bikini to enjoy your summer vacation.

5. Tribal Patterned Nails

Tribal Patterned Nails

This gorgeous is definitely takes some patience to recreate, but would be awesome for a special occasion.

6. Neon Graffiti Nails

Neon Graffiti Nails

Let’s show off your inner wild side with this gorgeous graffiti nail art.

7. Hibiscus Flowers Nail Art

Hibiscus Flowers Nail Art

This nail art is so perfect for your summer look. Channel your inner Hawaiian hula girl with this floral look.

8. Color Block Mosaic

Color Block Mosaic

Bring the Mondrian Painting-like to your nail. We love the use of color blocking and mosaic together.

9. Stenciled Stars

Stenciled Stars

This nail art is made using a stencil, painter’s tape, and a star-shaped hole punch.

10. Stars and a Stripe

Stars And A Stripe

Add a little sparkle to a basic half moon manicure with silver star decals.


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