10 Trendy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

10 Trendy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails
10 Trendy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

Even if you only have a short nails, you still need to style them. Actually, short nails are easier to maintain. So, if you are interested in nail art, check out these 10 trendy nail art designs for short nails below to beautify your short nails.

1. Turquoise And Gold Nails

Turquoise And Gold Nails

Prepare a turquoise polish, a gold polish and a plastic wrap. Just simply apply the turquoise and apply the gold one onto a crushed plastic wrap and dab slightly to your nails.

2. Graffiti Nail Art

Graffiti Nail Art

Just wipe off excess nail polish from the brush and swipe on random stripes to your black painted nails. So easy!

3. Pinstripe Nails

Pinstripe Nails

Create the stripe after painting white your nail. Make sure that you are using pastel colors to keep your nails look pleasing aesthetically.

4. Heart Inception Nail Art

Heart Inception Nail Art

Draw heart within another to your nail using different shades of pink. And now you are ready to spread some love with hearts on your nails.

5. Ruffian Manicure Tutorial

Ruffian Manicure Tutorial

To get this chic and quirky nail art, you need two nail polish colors; one color to paint your entire nail, and the second one to paint almost all of the nail leaving some space near the cuticle. Don’t forget to finish it off with a top coat.

6. Paint Splatter Nail Art

Paint Splatter Nail Art

Paint your nail with white, then take a nail color into a brush and dip in a cup of water. Use your finger to spray the color on the brush to your nail. Repeat it for multiple color and your own paint splatter nail is ready to rock.

7. Monochrome Peek-a-Boo Nail Art

Monochrome Peek-a-Boo Nail Art

Black and white is never go wrong. These are colors that work for any season and with any trend.

8. Ombre Nail Art

Ombre Nail Art

First of all, paint your nails a pale pink. Apply colors from blue to purple in gradation on a makeup sponge to create an ombre effect.

9. Geometric & Roses Nail Art Tutorial

Geometric & Roses Nail Art Tutorial

Use a white as a base, take some light pink and wipe away the excess with a thin brush. Make a small circles gently so that it appears soft against the white base. Use the olive polish to create a soft leaves for the flowers. Create a random line with the help of striping tape to make geometric pattern.

10. Pink Autumnal Nails

Pink Autumnal Nails

Let’s start with a pastel pink base, and create one side of a leaf on your ring finger with black polish. Do the same for the other side with white polish. You can also add some silver glitter to give a glowing effect to your nails.


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