8 Sexy Celebrity Summer Hairstyles To Copy
8 Sexy Celebrity Summer Hairstyles To Copy

8 Sexy Celebrity Summer Hairstyles to Copy

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Let’s embrace this summer with a new hair cut and colored to feel mentally refreshed and energized. Pay attention to which kind of hairstyle that suitable for you (based on your face shape). If you want to look sexy during summer time, keep scrolling down to get some inspiration from celebrities below.

1. Sexy Hairstyle by Camila Cabello

Sexy Hairstyle By Camila Cabello

A long bang style like Camila Cabello is a good choice for you who are a bit nervous on having a drastic change of bangs. You can part your bang in the center to create a layered look or you can sweep them to the side or in them back when it gets too hot outside.

2. Sexy Hairstyle by Jennifer Garner

Sexy Hairstyle By Jennifer Garner

Give your hair a subtle layers with blunt ends like Jennifer Garner above. When styled with loose waves, the cut creates the illusion of fuller head of hair.

3. Sexy Hairstyle by Ciara

Sexy Hairstyle By Ciara

Blunt bangs can also look amazing with long, curly hair just like Ciara did.

4. Sexy Hairstyle by Jennifer Lopez

Sexy Hairstyle By Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s blunt cut hits right below her chin. If you want a short haircut that can still be pulled into a ponytail.

5. Sexy Hairstyle by Gisele Bündchen

Sexy Hairstyle By Gisele Bündchen

Treat your long layers with beach spray to draw attention to the variation in length just like Gisele Bündchen above.

6. Sexy Hairstyle by Michelle Williams

Sexy Hairstyle By Michelle Williams
A pixie with a little length left on top just like Michelle Williams is another great summer hairstyle inspiration to face the hot summer.

7. Sexy Hairstyle by Saoirse Ronan

Sexy Hairstyle By Saoirse Ronan
A blunt, straight bob will never go out of style. Keep your hair all one length just like Saoirse Ronan above.

8. Sexy Hairstyle by Mila Kunis

Sexy Hairstyle By Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis’s bob is being dubbed the haircut of the summer. Paired with wispy, full bangs, perfect.

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