10 Summer Hats To Top Off Your Outfit
10 Summer Hats To Top Off Your Outfit

10 Summer Hats to Top Off Your Outfit

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Here are some tips to choose the right hat for your own. If you want the best protection, choose a wide brim. If you have a long face and want to look shorter, choose a flatter crown. A high crown is good for a shorter face and makes you look taller. If you are petite, a really large hat will swamp you. Consider to choose a color that will go with many of your items; a natural straw will goes with everything. And also, make sure that your hat covers not only your face, but also the back of your neck. Now check out these 10 summer hats to top off your outfit below.

1. Pleated Boater Hat

Pleated Boater Hat

This one reminds us a bit of the hats in Madeline, and you’re totally cool with that.

2. Snapback Hat

Snapback Hat

Wear your snapback hat and keep it simple with your classic white shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

3. Panama Hat

Panama Hat

Go on vacation with this classic panama hat, pretty dress and sandals.

4. Nautical Straw Sun Hat

Nautical Straw Sun Hat

Add a pair of massive shades, and you’ll be set for summer.

5. Sun Hat

Sun Hat

This hat is perfect to wear to attend the polo matches, horse races or even an afternoon party.

6. Baseball Hat

Baseball Hat

Compliment your sporty look with this baseball hat.

7. Canvas Sun Hat

Canvas Sun Hat

A floppy canvas sun hat is the perfect example to splurge on the basics.

8. Woven Floppy Hat

Woven FLoppy Hat

Floppy hat is one of the excellent way at preventing sunburn on your face.

9. Straw Visor

Straw Visor

Ditch the stereotype of only little old lady wearing the visor. Wear this visor to complement your summer look.

10. Turban


Keep your highlights protected from the sun with this turban that’s perfect when you’re relaxing poolside.

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