12 Best And Coolest Celebrity Airport Looks For Men To Copy
12 Best And Coolest Celebrity Airport Looks For Men To Copy

12 Best and Coolest Celebrity Airport Looks for Men to Copy

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Weather you are going on a business trip or going on a holiday, you need to carefully think about your airport fashion. The most important think to consider is that you need to dress as comfortable as you can during in an airport but still in style.Remember that no matter how long your flight is, airports are still public places. So, you still need to dress like a semi-respectable human being.

1. High-Low Swerve

High-Low Swerve

Dress up tapered sweatpants with an uncommon colored leather carry-all.

2. Airport Fashion for Summer

Airport Fashion For Summer

If you have a biceps like Ryan Gosling, show it off in a short sleeve popover shirt—sleeves slightly rolled up.

3. Not-so-Basic Basic Tee.

Not-so-Basic Basic Tee.

Nail the fit of your basic tee and pair it with western influences like suede cowboy boots, distressed denim, and sterling silver jewelry.

4. Modern Loafer

Modern Loafer

Pair slim chinos with a pair of classic Gucci horse bit loafers and a slick black rolling suitcase just like Azis Ansari.

5. Double Denim.

Tom Ford's Double Denim.

Double down on denim in light and dark washes just like Tom Ford.

6. Vacation Vibes

Matt Bomer's Vacation Vibes.

Match your denim, sneakers, and duffle to the colors in your Hawaiian shirt.

7. M-65-Inspired Holdall Jacket

M-65-Inspired Holdall Jacket

Combine a can’t-fail olive fatigue jacket with black jeans, a denim shirt, a pair of white kicks and an essential white tee just like Beckham.

8. Pop-Star Color Palette.

Pop-Star Color Palette

Top off your track pants with a bold long sleeve graphic tee just like Pharrell.

9. Scarf Trick

Scarf Trick

Beat brutal airport AC with this tucked in scarf trick.

10. Pattern Mixing

Pattern Mixing

Copy Brooklyn Beckham’s 90s pairing and add your own shades and hat.

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