10 Outstanding Classy Nail Designs For Short Nails
10 Outstanding Classy Nail Designs For Short Nails

10 Outstanding Classy Nail Designs for Short Nails

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Classy nails are definitely a must for every woman. The variety of nail designs is greater than ever it is getting harder these day, with every second to pick just one. There are occasions that simply force you to look nothing but classy. That is exactly the reason why we have gathered here all the perfectly suitable designs for all the events in one place. Check out these 10 outstanding classy nail designs for short nails below to inspire you.

1. Pearly White Design

Pearly White Design

The basis of this elegant design is the gleaming pearl white nail polish. This is super easy to do, and it just uses your natural nail color and plus, it’s a nail design for short nails that’ll be striking any season.

2. Gold and White Design

Gold And White Design

If you want a nail art design that can be paired with same-styled clothes and accessories, try this one. The shining gold polish is makes a lovely contrast against the solid pearl white.

3. Wine and White Design

Wine And White Design

The wine color is a staple nail color, and always a go-to shade for any sophisticated look. The white short nails here are characterized by simple swirling designs made using the beautiful wine color, which is a perfect mixing of the two colors magnificent.

4. 3D White Design

3D White Design

Most of the nails in the picture above represent an angled French manicure while the rest of it use beautiful 3D designs, some with sparkly beads and others with a swirling pearl white design characterized by gold sequins.

5. Deep Green Design

Deep Green Design

The wicked green base shade of this short nail style is super smooth and enough to make anyone envious. Other nails feature a beautiful black rose design at the tips, amplifying the wicked design and the cute sequins are the perfect way to lighten up this mysterious look.

6. Gold-Accented Design

Gold-Accented Design

All nails but one in this case are a beautiful, luscious pink, with the one-nail design as a sparkly gold chevron. This style is made easy by taping, so you can play around with how many nails you add this detail to.

7. Leopard Nail Design

Leopard Nail Design

Go for matching leopard prints with shades like light pink and gold, and you will really like the results.

8. Minimalist Ethnic Nail Design

Minimalist Ethnic Nail Design

Try out the combination of some patterns with monochrome solutions not putting them on separate nails, but combining those patterns for the one and the same nail, for instance matching tribal patterns with a nude background.

9. Roy Lichtenstein Eye Nail Design

Roy Lichtenstein Eye Nail Design

Create some more impressive contrasts with thematic prints like eye patterns, and, of course, some monochrome options for a visual background. The inspiration probably comes from pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, and it does look effective.

10. Glittery Nail Design

Glittery Nail Design

Simpler combinations with tones like black look chic, as we see from the picture above, the perfect pair of half moon black and golden shades, with clearly shaped out outlines and neat edges. And this nail design will fit any occasion.

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