Adorable Gothic Vampire Makeup Ideas For Halloween Party 15
Adorable Gothic Vampire Makeup Ideas For Halloween Party 15

48 Adorable Gothic Vampire Makeup Ideas for Halloween Party

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Halloween is the special day which has been waited by anyone. They are excited to celebrate this big day as it only happens once a year. In some countries, people celebrate Halloween by doing some activities like night party, costume party, or a parade. Though Halloween tend to be spooky and scary day, but some people have their own styles especially their costume. They are willing to spend much money to get the most unique and interesting costume. One thing cannot be separated from unique costume is about the makeup. The popular makeup concept is gothic vampire.

For women, this concept is very perfect since they have long hair that support the scary look. As a part of artistic makeup aspect, gothic ideas is interesting to apply in Halloween. It focuses on your eye with deep black impression. Gothic vampire makeup in this case focuses on a white pale face without any blush on. Then, the main point is your eye. You can creatively make the shade of your eyes.¬†Go madly with the liquid liner and deep shadows. Separate lashes with red mascara, draw cat eye lines or crescent lines on the outer of your eyes. Get your nails vamped by letting them square and black polished. Though nails are small part of you, but they support you vamp makeup well. The next is about your lips. Give the touch of black lipstick or you can combine it with red blood lipstick to give bloody impression for your lips. Draw fangs as dramatic as possible to make your goth vampire look more perfect. This makeup ideas can be supported by yiur costume with all black or vampire costume. Like in New York, there is a parade night to celebrate Halloween. By wearing and applying this makeup ideas, everyone’s attention will turn to you. The followings are the inspiring gothic vampire makeup ideas for your Halloween. Check them out!



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