The Best Eyelashes Ideas That Can You Copy Right Now 42
The Best Eyelashes Ideas That Can You Copy Right Now 42

53 The Best Eyelashes Ideas That Can You Copy Right Now

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A beauty is women’s grace from God. It is a must for them to keep their beauty. Some women are willing to spend more money to make their performance better. They will do anything to get more perfect look in attracting men. Doing makeup is one of the ways to beauty┬átheir whole look. The focus of the make up is the face, especially the eyes.

There are some tricky tricks to make your eyes more impressive. But, this article will deal with some interesting eyelashes ideas that you can try. The simplest and most common trick of eyelashes is using mascara. Some cosmetic industries compete each other and are still doing inventions on better and better eye makeup products. As we know that using mascara is a common trick to beautify our eyelashes. It helps us to sharpen our eyes. In addition, using false eyelashes is another trick of making impressive and adorable eyelashes. Since there are various sizes, thickness, length, and model of false eyelashes, it gives you reference to choose which false eyelashes fit for you. On the other hands, we found some opinions that using mascara takes much time and is very complicated. The same case happens to the using of false eyelashes. Some people who have been tried to apply this idea complain that their eyelashes get fall out. This idea is reviewed that it takes more time to apply this false eyelashes on to our eyelashes. The invention now reveals that there are two ways more effective to save time and energy. The first idea is eyelashes extension. This idea is now popular among women who are care about their beauty. It is a technique that makes your eyelashes look longer and thicker by applying an extension. The steps are adding false synthetic eyelashes among the real ones by using a certain glue. The process needs about two hours long. An eyelashes extension will last about a month. Then, if you want to use this technique again, you need to retouch your eyelashes extension. The second trick is lash lifting technique. Different with the first technique, lash lifting is a technique that gives keratin formula on cleaned eyelashes to make the impression of longer and thicker. Lash lifting technique is more durable than eyelash extension, about 8 to 12 weeks long. By knowing these two technique, we hope you get inspirations on how to deal with best eyelashes ideas for yours.


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