Pretty Rose Gold Makeup Ideas That Look Beautiful 19
Pretty Rose Gold Makeup Ideas That Look Beautiful 19

48 Pretty Rose Gold Makeup Ideas that Look Beautiful

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It is women’s secret that they can magically transform their look by doing a makeup. They do a makeup for some purposes. To beautify their look is one of the reasons. Some women may lack of confidence if they do not have a makeup on their face. Moreover, some women do a make up because they look for attention of other women and even men, exactly! Women has hundreds makeup tricks, one of their favorite makeup is soft touch of rose gold. Rose gold style becomes more interesting since it creates natural, super feminine, unexpected, and romantic touch. The gold effect makes it soft glow.

To give you more inspiration on doing rose gold makeup. Here we are going to tell you some steps. Well, first of all, give your eyes pinkish touch by create a luminous rose gold eyeshadow look by applying soft pink color from the eyelid to the brow bone. Contour at the crease and line with a darker shade. Then, apply starlight gold to the upper lash line and bottom part of the eye line. To give extra bright color, you can also apply your light eyeliner for the inner corner of your eyes. This technique gets your eyes more dramatic. Next step is illuminating your cheekbones, brow bones, and down the bridge of nose with rose gold highlight. Using brushes or finger tips are allowed. One last touch is lips part. Apply an extreme matte pink rose lipstick to the centre of your upper lip and then follow your upper and bottom lips contour. This pretty rose gold makeup is flexible since it can be applied at day or night. If you are looking for the appropriate makeup theme for your prom night, birthday romantic dinner, or Valentine’s day party, this rose gold make up will make you look totally the real you. Below we provide some references of rose gold makeup looks. Just check these out!


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