Stunning Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas For Trending This Summer 42
Stunning Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas For Trending This Summer 42

49 Stunning Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas for Trending this Summer

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Smokey eyes is a eyes makeup which now becomes famous among women. For this summer, this eyes makeup gets more stunning since it expresses women’s mood and feeling of the euphoria in summer. As makeup is the important part of women’s daily routine, some women feel like beingĀ naked if they do not do makeup at all when they go outside. That’s why this smokey eyes technique can be one of the alternatives for those who like doing makeup and concern about makeup trending.

Smokey eyes technique is interesting enough. It can be applied for all shape of eyes and for all types of complexion. This technique is a way of sharpening your eyes, making naturally bold, and strongly shaped. This famous eyes make up is loved by many women since it is flexible to apply everyday. You may also apply it to go to a party. It gives a bold impression for your eyes. Because of this effect, some women who do not do it properly may have a horrible impression. So, in applying this technique you have to know some tricky tricks. To avoid horrible impression, you can choose a brighter color of the shade. For example, replacing black with light colors such as purple, blue, pinkish, or brown. Next, apply your eyeliner slightly to avoid too bold shade. Your chosen mascara helps you to make more natural shade. If you have apply your mascara, you do not need to apply eyeliner for the bottom part of your eye. Moreover, your smokey eyes will look more awesome with eyeshadow. Giving eyeshadow touch will sharpen your eyes as well. Choose your best eyeshadow color to express your characters during this summer. Well, for the finishing touch you can shape your eyebrows for more beautiful performance. So, are you ready for a beautiful smokey eyes this summer?


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