Long Wavy Hair Ideas That Trending In Summer 2019 40
Long Wavy Hair Ideas That Trending In Summer 2019 40

42 Long Wavy Hair Ideas that Trending in Summer 2019

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There is an opinion stated that your hair is your crown. How you set your hair may represent the characteristics of you. Having a long, thick, and healthy hair is every woman’s dream. But what about having long hair in summer? Will it make you sweated more? A long wavy hair now become a trend because of its elegance. It does not matter what the color of your hair, long wavy hair will be suitable for you. Those who have wavy hair are the lucky ones since wavy hair makes your hair look like having more volume. Like the wave in the beach, this hairstyle gets you so gorgeous. For healthy reasons, you have to take care of your long hair. Since long hair has little bit more complicated treatment and maintenance, so you have to be diligent and spare your time more. But, you do not need to be worried, in this article, we will reveal some styles of wavy hair you may love.

There are some kinds of wavy hairstyle we can choose. First, average long wavy hair. If your hair is straight and you want to have wavy long hair, just prepare a curling iron and do the steps of curling. Second, ombre wavy hair which is one of wavy hairstyle bringing colors or tones that shade into each other. This style is suitable for teen to middle-aged woman. Third, gorgeous painted on color wavy hair. Coloring hair is such an artistic touch for the hair. It is perfectly combined with a balayage highlight. Don’t worry to explore your blonde hair. Blonde bombshell wavy hair brings a stunning hairstyle for you to go to a party. It will look more interesting at a party event and put a hair clip onto it. For getting casual wavy hair, you can do some steps like wash hair and blow dry it straight. Then, spray hair with a heat-protecting spray. Wrap a 2-inch thick section of hair around a large-barrel curling iron and curl the opposite direction. Let it cool and finish the steps by spraying a hairspray. The following are the examples of wavy hairstyles you may love. Get inspired!


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