8 Presentable Beard for Businessmen

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Just like what women do, men also have concern on their look and style especially for their face. When women have make up, then men have beard. Beard for men is not only beard. It has special meaning where they do believe that  can improve their appearance to be more perfect. That is why they take care of their beard just like how they take care of their hair, or even more.

Basically beard is like an art work. It has several different styles and cut shape that sometimes you can’t do the maintenance by your self and should go to the salon to ask for the professional. However, not all of the beard styles are difficult to be maintained, some of them have simple design as you can do the maintenance by yourself.

If you want to have a beard with a Balbo model, you should be able to take good care of it. So that your face can resemble the actor who starred in the film of The Avengers and Iron Man. The Balbo is among the most popular beard styles these days.
Growing a Bandholz require a patience. Just need let it grow until it reaches the maximum length you can genetically grow. This beard is suitable for men who has round face. And then if it has formed you can add color with light brown.
For men who want to have a beard but still look neat, better for you to use circle beard. Known as a simple beard, the circle beard is a combination of mustache and rounded goatee beard styles.
If you are a fan of Hollywood artists, you can also mimic it by growing a beard and shaping it up to a length that can be called an extended goatee. The extended goatee is a combination of a goatee and a mustache. Make sure you have some medium stubble before shaping your beard. And then shave around the sideburns and adjust the width to your liking.
Friendly mutton chops are also referred to as the sideburns or side whiskers. Let your sideburns and mustache grow until they met. Shave the hair on your chin up to the lower lip area. You can keep your sideburns growing until they become fluffy. It suitable for you who have a face like this.
All face shapes are suitable for implementing this beard style, commonly called the Long Stubble. But you have to really take care of it to keep it looking neat. Your style with a long stubble beard will add neatness to your face.
This style will probably make you look a little scruffy, but if properly maintained, it will definitely give off your aura of virility. So you should have a good trimmer that you can use at least once a week to keep it looking neat. If you implement medium stubble on your face, it will look more cool.
The simplest among all the beard styles, you can apply short stubble for your face. It looks manly yet doesn’t make you look untidy. If you grow hair above your cheek, just shave it habitually to maintain the look still neat.

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After looking at the pictures mentioned above, you can see that there are several different styles of beard where those beard styles are appropriate for the businessmen. There are some beards with easy maintenance and difficult maintenance. You can use those pictures as your references in case you are going to style your beard with the proper design as the businessmen.

For your advice, you can choose the beard style by adjusting the design based on your capability in doing the maintenance. If you are busy enough and won’t have enough time to do the maintenance periodically, just choose the simple beard style so that it won’t be troublesome for you. Moreover, it is also important for you to choose the style that fit with your face shape so that your face won’t look weird with your beard.

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