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When you think of a fur coat, you probably think of extravagance, glamour, vintage celebrities and etc. Fur coats have a controversial history, they are incredibly expensive, and many people making them as a sign of wealth and opulence. But many people also think that it is cruel and unfair and a danger to innocent animals. Luckily, faux fur exists for those who want the shows and trend forecasts, fur is supposed to be big through 2017.

Wrap pants are also known by the other names like yoga pants, fisherman’s pants or samurai pants. They are very loose comfortable pants with waist ties. Wrap pants can be made in two styles; yoga pants style has waist ties at the front and back and a side open pattern where as samurai pants  has a strap on the back which ties the loose waist of the pant in the front and results in a folded waistband. Those patterns are easy to make, so you can make a dozen of them.

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Vintage style is becoming popular right now. If a woman wants to look more elegant and feminine, the quickest ways is to put on the vintage outfit. Some people may think that it is difficult to pull off the vintage outfit. But if you know how to make a right vintage outfit combination, you will look effortless gorgeous.

There are many ways that is easy to make a brand new life of your denim such as cut it off. But not all denim cut-offs are alike so we give you an easy way that you can make and wear those old cut-offs denim by adding lace. This is such an easy way to refashion old denim and make them look new again. It is dressed up enough to make them perfect for semi-dressy occasions and they are also great for casual event as well.

Many people think that the easiest way to elevate the everyday duds without piling on the accessories was to scout pieces with embellishments. But lately, embroidery is popular. This traditional craft seemed to turn unto a cool-girl detail overnight and with its array of modernly stitched designs, it gave us entirely new look. Scroll through to see embroidered pieces to make a style statement.