The straw bag or straw basket is the ideal arm candy for this summer. While it would take a good fight to pry your leather day bag out from your talons, you may want to consider a straw bag for summer. Straw bag is a lighter option and will freshen up your look for an easy, seasonal transition. Check out these 10 straw bag ideas to complement your summer look below. 

Bag is everything, and many women have an obsession with bags. There are many variety of it; purse, handbag, clutch, wristlet, etc- with the variety of brand and also the price. But you need to know some tips that will help you find the best bag for you.

First of all, think about the quality. It is best to choose a high quality bag that sometimes is quite expensive, but it’s worth to buy. For the fabric, leather is the great one because it ages so well. Select a neutral color bag, so you can pair it easily with your outfit. When you keep the bag, keep i structured. If you are planning on a holiday and need a bag that allowing you to go hands-free, check out these 10 wristlet bags you need for your holiday season below.

Sunglasses are perfect for sunny summer days. It will protect your eyes from bright sun, but they will make you look completed and add some charm. First of all, decide what type of sunglasses that perfect for your face shape. Pay attention to sunglasses lenses which can be with ombre effect, mirrored, colored, super dark, etc. Now check out these 9 eye-catching sunglasses for men to complement your summer look below.

The summer is near. It is time to prepare for the summer, especially planning to buy shoes. Woven shoes are one of the biggest trend and a much-needed departure from those closed-toe boots. Check out these 10 woven shoes to wear during summer below to inspire you. 

Women always wanted to looks good. That is why it is important to upgrade your look. But beside of think about the clothes, women also think about other item to complement your look such as jewelry, bags and even shoes. In this article, we serve you this 9 shoes that girl will be wearing this spring below.

A hat is one of the perfect accessory to share your personal style, and wearing a hat is not so difficult. It is not how you wear it necessarily, but what you wear it with. Hat is always look stylish with every outfit. You can really wear a hat with anything you wish; jeans, dresses, blazer, you name it. In hot temperatures such as summer, the hat also can be your face and neck shield from getting sunburned. So check out these 10 outfit ideas with hats to try this summer below to inspire you. 

Here are some tips to choose an engagement ring to help you search the one that best for your engagement day. First of all, browse on the internet to get some inspiration of your favorite shape and style; keep it and discuss it together with your couple. It is possible to ask your friends, coworker, family member or even completely stranger for an idea because probably you can get some great inspiration from them. Consider the 4Cs; color, cut, clarity and carat.

Bracelet is one of the jewelry that can mesh well with most fashion styles and it adds a dash of style to your wrist. Bracelet can also fit your personal style, so start with the size. Know how large your wrist is before you buy and it should be 3/4ths of an inch to 15 inches larger. Also pick a style that you like; cluster effect, vintage-inspired style.

Ankle bracelets or anklet were worn for various occasions, including the signaling of women present in times of segregation of the sexes. In Indian marriage, anklets also play a role and ankle chains are sometimes used in Southeast Asia to limit the step for a certain feminine walk. Today, anklets are typically worn with toe rings and bare feet in India and women in the western countries often wear them as a fashion accessory. For example, sterling silver anklets can be worn for both formal and casual occasions and they are just as at home paired with a cocktail dress as with cutoff shorts, or bracelet anklets with seashell or anchor charms is go perfectly during summer.