Let’s be real, men tend to not be as stylish as women. The average guy is perfectly content to wake up and throw on whatever’s the first shirt and pair of pants he grabs from his closet. However, if you want to raise your style level but don’t know how what to wear during summer holiday at the beach, check out these 10 colorful printed shirt to wear for your summer vacation below.

Sunglasses are perfect for sunny summer days. It will protect your eyes from bright sun, but they will make you look completed and add some charm. First of all, decide what type of sunglasses that perfect for your face shape. Pay attention to sunglasses lenses which can be with ombre effect, mirrored, colored, super dark, etc. Now check out these 9 eye-catching sunglasses for men to complement your summer look below.

Polo neck sweater is one of the recommended styles for autumn or winter. This is stylish and makes you warm, even look more charming as a man. You will not lose your masculine look by wearing this neck sweater. Furthermore, you need to have a different style to avoid monotonous look. Try one of these polo neck sweater styles;

Everyone wants to look good everyday. Even if the clothes that you have are not so much, you can still mix and match your outfit to wear to get the best look. If you like to wear casual outfit, take a look at these 10 most popular casual outfit this year below to inspire you.

Vans is the iconic brand which is has achieved the higher rate of popularity among people of all ages. If you are looking for a footwear with trendy style and comfortable to wear, try Vans. Vans have been a classic staple within the skating community for years. And there are various ways you can make shoes work for you, no matter what your style is.

There is no doubt that gym attire has recently taken a life of its own in men’s fashion. All you need is something that is convenient or statement to wear. No wonder that the accessibility of gym fashion is synonymous with it’s desirability. Dressing for the gym for men is as much about substance as it is style to look good at the gym.

Here are some tips for men to wear an outfit properly below. First of all, all men need to know that fit is the best, make sure that everything that you wear is almost hugging the shape of your body without being tight. Do not overdo your clothing, just keep it simple. It is great to pay attention to your supporting pieces such as sweater, cargo and else and it have to be match with your prior outfit.

Accomplish your sharp-look with some of these tips below. Know the basic; keep yourself clean and pay attention to the detail. Apply the right proportions of your clothing items such as pants, shirts, socks and else. Stay away from graphic tee because graphic tee is only for teenager.

Nobody is born stylish. It takes effort to acquire perfection in the art of dressing well and habit is the second one. As for men, effortless style is a habit for them . Their fashion choices are guided by certain principles and these principles will improve their style to an extend where he don’t have to think about it.

Many women are struggles of getting dressed in the morning, so does the men. As modern men, it is important to realize that people nowadays do judge you by how you look. Give off the right impression is a must, especially when you are starting out in your career. No matter how old you are, paying a full attention of your outfit is something that you need to consider.