Before using an eyeshadow, consider to start with an eye primer that helps create a smooth surface for the eye makeup. It is also helps make your eyeshadow stick to your skin better. once it dried, apply an eyeshadow base that makes the eyeshadow stick to your skin better. Use a concealer or foundation if you don’t have an eyeshadow base.

Off shoulder is effortlessly stylish if you worn it in the right way. And here are tips for you to feel comfortable when wearing off shoulder outfit. All you need is just 4 safety pins and two plain black hair ties. First of all, attach two of the safety pins on either side of the hair tie. Do this with the second hair tie too; one for each side.

Denim is an essential outfit for every woman, and the best thing about denim skirt is that their style is always changing. In 70’s trend, denim skirt is the perfect one to go along and you can be paired it with a chunky sweater. Or try a denim pencil skirt without rips or distressing that look good for your casual look. For example, you can pair them with a button-down shirt and pointed pumps and skinny belt as the finishing touch.

Nail art is an extension off what you wear. And best nail art can give you a lot of attention and compliments. You can add glamour to your look only with nail art. If you feel bored with your classic or monotone nail color, try something fun and quirky that will complete your look for whatever mood you are in.

 Auburn color is an easy way to add warmth and depth to your hair. This hair color looks amazing with black coats, it peeks nicely put of a hat and it makes any turtleneck sweater look ten times better. the hair dye market today is so rich in the variety of hues it offers. You can choose a cooler or warmer red, go for a lighter or a darker shade, throw in babylights in the mixture or play with balayage, depending on your skin tone.

Bohemian style is one of out all-time favorite style vibes that can be tricky to achieve sometimes. Here are some bohemian essential pieces that you should have to get the best boho look. The most important piece is maxi skirt that is simple, solid-colored, and not too poofy. For example, you can wear a simple maxi skirt with a graphic t-shirt and a versatile vest and finish it with gladiator sandals and a top knot.

Graduation is a big day for you and you absolutely wanted to look good yet stay within the rules of graduation wear. As graduation is one of the biggest day if your life, you will want to make an impression. Most graduations tend to go for a smart approach and it lean more toward the formal end of the spectrum, as it is a formal event. The best graduation outfit ideas often result in a suit and a suit will always serve you well; you can opt for a matching suit or mix and match your jacket and trousers to add a bit of flair to your look.

Since a long time ago, menswear has always been stylish, but recently, the looks have definitely been dialed up a notch as men become increasingly adventurous with how they dress. Menswear is kind of a perfect playpen for fashion lover. To get the best look, just aim for effortless. Do not overthinking the things, just leave something a bit rumpled; something else a bit un-tucked or un-buttoned.

Investing your money for a timeless outfit is the great ideas so you will never be at loss for what to wear whenever you are in a rush. A white tee, blue jeans and nude flats is some basic pieces that you should own in every women’s closet. For an outfit to look effortless yet eye-catching and fashionable, what you need is top, outerwear, shoes and handbags. Or example, if you are look good in all-black look, add a cool leather jacket that instantly make your outfit look chic and stylish.

We often tend to dress in accordance with our behavior, so we want to not just act flirty, but look flirty. Here are some tips that you need to memorize if you want to avoid looking well, cheap and easy. There is nothing wrong with highlighting the part of your body but revealing it at every change you get is not exactly stylish or elegant. Consider to wear the right length and shape; mid-thigh lengths dress are fine for special occasion.