Let’s be creative and draw your canvas shoes. The necessary item is absolutely a pair of canvas shoes, waterproof marker (you can use whatever kind you want as long as it’s waterproof), paper, pencil, eraser and some kind of waterproof spray (but it is not 100% necessary. First of all, make a plan on what kind of drawing that you want, and decide if your shoes are one big picture or divided into sections. Lay your shoes on and make sure the sizing is right then just hold them down one at a time and trace the outline.

Christmas is coming and you must fill your wardrobe with red outfits. Red is the color of life which can definitely add a beautiful layer in your fashion life and most of people love to wear red on Christmas day. There’s bunch of unique ideas in trends and we certainly bring the best in this article. Take a look at these red outfits that you can’t resist.

Take a note from this article to get the best dressing work for your own during winter. Dress up yourself and keep cozy with a turtleneck sweater, suede midi skirt and knee-high boots. And don’t be afraid to layer a turtleneck underneath a blazer, a thinner fabric makes the pairing polished, not too bulky. Try to liven up your look with bold prints, don’t be afraid to mix and match multiple patterns in one outfits.

Christmas is coming, so make sure that your stockings are crafted with care. Make simple and sweet linen stockings that will look good over your heart for years to come and you might even want to order extra for future family additions. If you have a steady hand and a passion for the sea, coastal Christmas stockings are the stockings for you. Make your stockings with blanket-stitched edges that are so colorful felt; pick between pinwheels, stripes, faux foliage or your own embellishments to finish it off.

When you think of a fur coat, you probably think of extravagance, glamour, vintage celebrities and etc. Fur coats have a controversial history, they are incredibly expensive, and many people making them as a sign of wealth and opulence. But many people also think that it is cruel and unfair and a danger to innocent animals. Luckily, faux fur exists for those who want the shows and trend forecasts, fur is supposed to be big through 2017.

Wrap pants are also known by the other names like yoga pants, fisherman’s pants or samurai pants. They are very loose comfortable pants with waist ties. Wrap pants can be made in two styles; yoga pants style has waist ties at the front and back and a side open pattern where as samurai pants  has a strap on the back which ties the loose waist of the pant in the front and results in a folded waistband. Those patterns are easy to make, so you can make a dozen of them.

Family heirlooms donat have to be ideal, they just need to evoke fond memories, and that you are able to […]

Vintage style is becoming popular right now. If a woman wants to look more elegant and feminine, the quickest ways is to put on the vintage outfit. Some people may think that it is difficult to pull off the vintage outfit. But if you know how to make a right vintage outfit combination, you will look effortless gorgeous.

Holiday is filled with festivities, which means ample opportunity to deck your digits with jolly Christmas nail art. And girls are always up to apply a creative nail and hair designing. Nail art is a creative activity that needs big skills and talents, to apply beautiful fingernails and toes nails. You can also apply nail art with a number of design and different combinations that gives a classy nail appeal an eye easily according to your mood. Not everyone can follow the fashion, and to be full of style, you can apply on your nails to make your style look stunning and appealing.