The biggest trends in the fashion world at the moment is the embroidery patches and they are on jackets, shorts, bags, shoes and else. The best part of embroidery is that even you can’t find the right piece that you want or don’t know how to do, you still can find it in many patches online. In this article, we will tell you some tips to add embroidery to your shirt. Embroidery your shirt is easy to do with the right preparation.

The favorite part about this time of year is attending holiday parties with family and friends. A Christmas Eve is a holiday that full of so much anticipation and joy. No wonder that most holiday parties are occur on this day. So it means that we have to dress up to celebrate this particular night.

Jeans are the wardrobe staple in all around the world. While some prefer plain and simple denim, many of them like to give their a little flair. You can add fun hems and bedazzling with gems, to using patchwork decorations. These following ideas are super fun, easy and versatile and of course, low budget to embroidering your denim.

2017 was an experimental year for hair to say the least. While super straight styles, ponytails and huge hair accessories took the catwalk, neon colors, rainbow dyes and glow in the dark hair colors reigned supreme on the internet as the beauty industry insiders and bloggers in 2017 hair trends. But let’s look ahead for more flattering hairstyles and wearable accessories. What should we be looking in 2018?